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At OfficeBox, we don't compromise the privacy of our clients, users and visitors. We believe in clearly stating the reason for every detail that we ask for and in keeping your personal information safe and secured. Through this page we offer to clarify how we are going to use your information and the way we’ll keep it safe and secured.


How we use the information that you provide to our site

The information that you provide to our site is used for providing you the goods and services that you request, or to communicate with you in the future and to help us personalize the information that we send you. None of your personal information is sold, traded or rented to others from our site.


All the information that you provide gets stored, including the information that you provided while registering, browsing, or purchasing on our site. Like other web servers, our server logs each and every page that you download from our site.


We update the existing record from  your information every time you provide us with new information. We do not provide any of this information to any third party, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any third party access to the correspondence we send you.


Your login information


When you log on to our site, we use your IP address in order to help you use our site, or in case you encounter any problems with our server while browsing the website. We also record your IP address in order to get your demographic information which is used by our advertisers, however  neither your name nor the specific information that you register with us is used as broad demographic data and is not distributed.




We are here to be useful in every possible way by offering a mixture of office supply products on our site.  We depend on your feedback  to find out your likes and dislikes, to be more useful, to provide a more customized experience, and to improve our site from time to time.  . ‘Cookies’ are used to record your usage pattern of our site and is one of the most important techniques that we use.


What are Cookies?


Cookies are small data files put on your device via a website that you use. These data files send back information to the websites. These don’t affect your device in any way and only collect the information which is then used to enhance the site and offer better usage experience to the users.


A cookie may remember the products that you added to the shopping cart, or checks out whether or not you‘re getting the offer that you requested. We call such type of cookies ‘session cookies’ that expire the moment you leave the website.


Other cookies include ‘Persistent Cookies’ which expire only after a period of time. These tend to remain on your device until you delete them. These cookies help the site to know when you’ve come back on it. We use these cookies in order to customize our site and offer the site to you right in the way that suits your usage pattern.


How we use cookies


We use cookies to improve your user experience at our site and to offer better features every time you visit us. By visiting our site, you give us your consent to use your cookies.


However, you can disable the use of the cookies right from your browser by reviewing the preferences and options of your browser.


Other information that we use


If you send us your queries or questions through emails; register to some special services, or simply communicate with us, we consider these communications as information about you. We use all such information to make our communication better and improve our site to offer you better services.




OfficeBox takes every possible precaution to protect the information that your provide to us, especially when you submit sensitive information through the website, we take earnest care to protect it both on and off the line.


We use the best encryption software in the industry – namely SSL that keeps your sensitive information encrypted and well protected. When you are on a secure page such as the order form, the lock icon on the web browsers (generally located at the bottom) gets locked, which otherwise stays open when you are simply surfing.


With the use of SSL encryption, all your sensitive information is kept well protected when you are online and the best possible precautions are taken to keep your information safe off the line. However, we do not guaranty that the security measures that we take with the use of encryption technology will work the best in every possible circumstance and thus, in case of any loss, misuse or alteration of information on the website we will not be responsible nor will we be liable for any damage or security failures. Added to this, we have links to other websites present on our site; it must be noted that we do not ensure the security policy or the privacy practices of these sites.


Choice/Right to Opt Out


We offer opt out mechanism to our users, thus you get an opportunity to opt out from having your information used for various purposes which are directly not related to our site and/or to some other third party service(s) that you requested on being asked for the information. For instance, if you do not want to receive any promotional material or the newsletters from us, you can immediately opt out of such communications by simply clicking on the unsubscribe button and so on.


Change/Modification in our Privacy Policy


If we change or modify our privacy policy we’ll inform you by posting the changes on our website so that our users can stay aware of the changes made. When you choose to use our site even after going through the changes made, it will be taken as your assent for the modifications or changes made.


Contact Info

In case you have any questions or queries related to our privacy policies disturbing you, you can always feel free to post your queries, doubts or comments on the “Contact Us” link provided at the bottom of the web page or simply give us a ring at 416-636-2525.